BLOG LAUNCH: December 11, 2006

Down and Out: Adventures in Literature. Landscape. Life.

Down and Out in CambridgeI thought to name this blog “Down and Out” after reading George Orwell’s Down and Out in Paris and London. I read the book while I was doing some research in Cambridge a few weeks after I had broken my ankle in Chamonix–an event that prompted me to consider what I would do when the $54.26 remaining in my bank account ran dry. In that moment, Orwell’s subject matter felt particularly relevant. I like how Orwell was able to capture in his writing the details of his life. Orwell was smart and resourceful–he wasn’t as down and out as the people he wrote about, and I sometimes wonder, myself, how possible it is to be truly down and out with a few decent job experiences and some master’s degrees. With mounting debt and no plans in the near future to procure a stable job, however, my fear of bottoming out once and for all never feels too far away.

For someone like me–someone who likes to read and write and run around in the outdoors–what does this world have to offer? This blog is an exploration of those things.


7 responses to “BLOG LAUNCH: December 11, 2006

  1. ooooooh, love the concept of your blog. welcome! can’t wait to read more…

  2. Yeah for you, T! I’m so proud to be your boring little friend in Allendale, Michigan! I’m bookmarking your blog right now and making it a regular part of my blog-reading regimen. Rock on, girlfriend! BTW, let me know if you need/want any photos to post. I can send some from our Louisville visit, plus other random ones from my stash…

  3. all roads lead back to Chamonix and mt blanc is the pimple on which the world spins

    you know it

    quit fighting

    (can you enable an RSS feed on this? – ‘remembering to check back’ ain’t gonna happen

    – M (one unemployable to another)

  4. Sitting at Copenhagen airport reading your blog- far more interesting than doing the work I should be doing. Looking forward to the next installments- fascinating

  5. I love the start-up of your BLOG…keep plugging along, the break-through is now far away. See you in the spring. OXO D

  6. ….make that NOT far away !!!

  7. Traci, just swingin’ by to say hello. I’m now putting this site in my favorites folder so I can check up on you and your global mischief from time to time.


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