The Ring RoadI have a thing for a certain kind of place. If it’s mountainous or snowy or just wide-open, then–yeah–I want to go there. The week before my senior year in college, I drove through the night to Colorado instead of driving back to university. When I called home a few days later to tell my parents that I was staying at a motel in Colorado Springs, my mom started crying and then passed the phone to my dad, who convinced me to meet him in forty-eight hours back in South Bend, Indiana. Two weeks after graduating, I moved to Colorado, and I’ve wondered ever since: How is it that a certain kind of place can pull a person across a country, or over an ocean, when all practical purposes would have us stay put?


2 responses to “Upcoming: LANDSCAPE

  1. Everyday I go outside and sit by the small pond we have in the middle of our office complex. There are ducks, turtles, and I have even seen a swan. Yes, a swan. I have seen a white swan, I think she is a girl. They all have personalities. This might not be the same as galavanting over every continent, but God is incredible. He is incredible in Antarctica and He is incredible in the middle of my office complex.

  2. There is nothing normal about the fact that Speight swims in the duck pond on his breaks.

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