My current stack.  Books move me, and one of my favorite questions is: Hey–what have you been reading? The answer can tell a lot about a person. When you go into a bookstore, what section do you visit first? Or if you walk up to a shelf crammed with books, which one will you feel compelled to pull out? I realize that I have some literary tendencies–that I’ll pick up nonfiction before I pick up fiction, that I’ll pick up something written within the last five hundred years before I’ll pick up something written in the last five, that I’ll gravitate towards an author I’ve never read (but always wanted to) before I pick up someone whose work I know and love. No subject gets ruled out, and if the reading list is eclectic, then something on it is bound to be good.


3 responses to “Upcoming: LITERATURE

  1. Claudius the God, Robert Graves

    “The answer can tell a lot about a person.”

    Maybe, but yesterday it was Dickens and the day before trash sci-fi, go figure.

    If you can find a common thread beyond ‘unrelated’ you know me better than I do.

  2. I’m reading Terra Incognita by Sara Wheeler, my introduction to the tales of heroism, blind exploration, struggle, drive, and passion into the unknown, the Ice, the South. It’s a page turner and it all makes sense. My heart has has been so full reading this, and it makes me truly understand your incredible sense of adventure.

  3. It took me many flights to get through it, but Guns, Germs, and Steel by Jared Diamond gave me a different perspective on civilizations all over the world. Although, you can tell he favors Papua New Guinea and gives them far too much credit for keeping an almost nonexistant humanitarian way of life. For work, I just finished another Joe Vitale book and I very much enjoy his outlook on life. My sister’s husband has me turned on to Terry Pratchett. He is a fiction writer who makes me laugh outloud.

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