Daily Archives: February 4, 2007

Landscape: Person and Place

Sometimes place only makes sense within the context of a person

Cece and Discovery

Last night when the fabulous Cecelia Mortenson, my gymnastic roommate and friend, decided to do a headstand on a newly frozen pond, her act supercharged the scene. Cece on Ice Without her there, the place would have been beautiful enough—the light is rapidly changing now, and the ice has been reflecting all shades of an early evening’s purple-orange. But with Cece in the frame, I found that the landscape had a new depth, reference, and dimension.

It’s easy for me to go off about the beauty surrounding us here at McMurdo. Alone, the place is stunning. But the life-givers are the ones who appreciate it, play in it, and care for it. Or maybe the relationship is more symbiotic than that. This cracked pond, this ridge, this channel that just opened up to the sea—these are as much the life-givers, the sources of our sustenance and joy.

Tracing the Sun—Days until next sunset: 16