Landscape: The Results

Feb 21 SunsetSince the end of January, I’ve been watching the horizon. Weary of the Antarctic summer’s 24-hour sun, I started wanting to see some color in the sky and announced that I would be “tracing the sun” until it set on February 20—for the first time in four months. This little experiment has had me dashing outside in the evenings to photograph, with the hope that I would catch some of the late summer’s rapidly changing light.

And the results? Well, not all experiments run as smoothly as planned. Obstacles included stormy weather, flat light, and a strong desire to sleep. Some photographs turned out looking more like vanilla shakes than landscapes. Others were blurry or just plain bad. But in the following three images, I think that you’ll get the point.

January 27, 2007. Mean temp: 36°F.

Jan 27 view of Mount Discovery

February 12, 2007. Mean temp: 18°F.

Feb 12 view of Mount Discovery

February 21, 2007. Mean temp: 4°F.
Feb 21 Sunset at Mount Discovery
Obviously, when the sun hits the horizon here, everything changes. In less than four weeks, the mean temperature has dropped over thirty degrees. Until I checked the weather stats for this post, I hadn’t realized that it had changed so quickly. Now my recent desire to eat junk food and take lunch-break naps makes more sense. Maybe it’s a good thing that I’ll be back in New Zealand in less than 48-hours…

One response to “Landscape: The Results

  1. Traci; what a gorgeous picture at the top of this post. Thank you.

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