Literature: Scorpio Books

Scorpio BooksIf you’re traveling in New Zealand, you’ll likely end up in Christchurch at some point, which is a good thing because there you’ll find Scorpio Books, a cool independent bookshop with “books on every topic from acupuncture to zen.” Here, you can stock up on regional literature or get the latest New Yorker. Scorpio Books also has the largest selection of fantasy and science fiction in New Zealand, but I went there hoping to find a book of New Zealand short stories that had been recommended to me. Luckily, it was in stock. I also walked away with a book of poetry and was pleasantly amused by the dog that I found sleeping in the art section.

After a week and a half of travel, I realize that these other adventures have cut into my daily reading time. We head back into the mountains soon, so maybe I’ll carry the books in my backpack this time. At least my legs will get stronger—even if my brain is turning to mush.

The Details:What a Life
Scorpio Books
79 Hereford Street
Christchurch 8001 New Zealand
+64 (0)3 379 2882


One response to “Literature: Scorpio Books

  1. wonderful, you found it! i look forward to hearing what you think. it’s a sad one, so i hope you’ve got a few shoulders to cry on!

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