Landscape: NYC’s Greenspace

Central Park Reservoir Running TrackI love to visit NYC, but after a few days there, I end up feeling kind of trapped. I think that people who thrive in the city must draw energy from its tight-packed structure, its buzzing traffic, its restaurants, museums, and bars. I can appreciate these things fully for ten days. Tops. And then I need to get some fresh air. While I don’t think that NYC could contain a substitute for the landscapes I love most—mountainous, snowy, and sparse—I’ve found out that daily excursions to Central Park can be revivifying. Luckily, the park is a short jog from The Sister’s apartment, so I took my running breaks there last week during my visit.

Central Park’s reservoir running track is one of my favorite areas to revisit. The dirt track circles underneath mature shade trees, and if you look straight ahead, you might forget that you’re in the city. Look left, and you’ll see the skyline framed by leafy shadows—a nice juxtaposition of the urban and the wild.

The Urban and The Wild

Venture off the track, and the cityscape disappears altogether. If you’ve been reading “Down and Out,” you’ll know about my penchant for “sexy lines”—and I was not disappointed to find meandering paths and curvy natural lines throughout the park.

Central Park’s Sexy Lines

Central Park is also packed with little details that make me smile: purple flowers in bloom, worn wooden bridges, and old ladies running in pearls. Even when I’m running in Central Park, I feel like the place invites me to slow down—to see the minute pixels of beauty in a city that, to me, often feels larger than life.

It’s in the details


2 responses to “Landscape: NYC’s Greenspace

  1. You’ve probably seen more of the park than me. If I want want wild, I leave the island , or at the very least, I venture below 14th. See you in the Alps very, very soon.


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