Life: Notes from the Autobahn

I am writing this, literally, in the front seat of a rental car speeding south on Germany’s Autobahn. I just clocked us going 200km/hr, so all you cars out there in front of us, be forewarned: we’re fast, and we’re furious, and we’re on our third cups of coffee.

I’m currently road-tripping with The Sister (pictured below), who is here in Europe from NYC. When she gave me a draft of the itinerary, I noticed that it was basically an attack-style expedition that would lead us through parts of these five countries: Switzerland, Luxembourg, Germany, Liechtenstein, and France. Um, OK.

200km, baby

While traveling with her, I’ve learned that speed is more important than stopping to use the restroom and that food is a destination. Two years ago, I resisted these concepts on our whirlwind wine tour of northern Italy; I wallowed in misery while she tried a new flavor of gelato. Since then, I’ve learned to embrace her travel ethic and even enjoy it on other adventures such as driving a circuit with her around the entire country of Iceland in less than 48-hours.

The Sister

Saturday afternoon, we had a coffee stop in Luxembourg. Today it’s lunch in Liechtenstein. In between, we’ve spent two nights in Stuttgart, Germany. Tonight, we’re back in France. Love it: this is life on the road.


2 responses to “Life: Notes from the Autobahn

  1. This is your professional driver and father forever, the original MacDaddy speaking.

    I know that Shawna has always had a speed need, but my impression of 200 KPH suggests an approx. coversion to 130+ MPH – you guys are scaring me !!! I’m glad you had a fun trip and made it back safely. Love, Dad

  2. Two MacNamara sisters on the autobahn at the same time in the same car? Isn’t there some regulation against that? Look out, Germany. No, seriously, look out!

    Sounds like I don’t have to wish you a great summer, you’ve got that under control. Much love to you and Shawna from Whistler, BC where Joolee, Marnie and I are crashing the Jirsa family reunion.

    Bright Moments,

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