Life: The Countdown

Jams and CroissantsI leave Chamonix in 6 days.  Maybe there will be another 4 or 5 good days of climbing.  In the next 24 hours, I will eat some croissants, drink some wine, and eat some cheese. My health insurance expires in 7 days. 

Next week’s flight back to NYC from Geneva will have 1 layover in London; I will check 2 massive bags (right at the 25-kilo limit) and carry-on 1 heavy bag full of books. 

Around $1,000 will remain in my checking account when I return to the U.S.  This means that I will need to get a job within 4 weeks, or I will have to start buying groceries on Visa.  Perhaps I will stay with my parents for 3 weeks, but if I stay longer, I’ll feel like a sponger. 

Last week, I went climbing 6 days in a row.  The best climb was the Bérard Valley’s L’été Indien:  7 pitches.  Easiest grade: French 5b.  Hardest grade: 6a+.  I led 4 pitches; Andy led 3.   

Andy Parkin at Le ChapeauThen it rained for 2 days.  I drank 4 rounds of espresso on the first morning while I worked, and for those 2 nights, I stayed up past midnight finishing a proposal.  In the process, I ate 2 chocolate bars, a pot of 1/2 chocolate, 1/2 coffee-flavored ice cream.  I drank 1 bottle of red wine. 

Right now, it’s 9:39 a.m., and I am still drinking my first round of espresso.  I purchased 1 baguette and 1 croissant at the bakery.  At 11:07, I will board the train.  At 11:17, I will meet Andy in Les Tines.  We will climb. 


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