Landscape: Skyscape

Pastel HuesWhen I fly on a plane, I’m one of those people who requests the window seat—and if I don’t get one, I end up leaning over from the aisle seat to see what’s going on in the sky. I love to watch houses and people and cars turn toy-sized, and I am more easily entertained by the skyscape’s changing light than I am by those little TV monitors that are now regular features of long-distance flights. Earlier this week, I had to take a quick trip to Denver, and I watched out the window as the skylight shifted from blinding white in the Midwest to soft pastel hues by the time we landed. We passed over thunderheads and wide stretches of farmland; we descended through gray skies. I returned to Louisville in time to watch a melon-colored ball of light set behind the hills. Just in case you haven’t been on a plane lately, here are some reminders of the Earth’s beauty from above:

The thunderheads:


The wide stretches of farmland:

Wide Stretches of Farmland

Louisville’s melon sky:

Louisville’s Melon Sky

Far above all places that have captured my imagination is Antarctica. And several of my favorite photos come from my journeys there. I can’t resist adding to this post an image of my most-loved place; I took it from the window of a C-17 military cargo plane just as it was crossing into Antarctica from the Ross Sea area (south of New Zealand). The Transantarctics are jutting up below…ohhh….ahhh:

C-17 ooohhs and ahhhhs

Keep looking closely; there are plenty of things to see out there, as Gerard Manley Hopkins says, “…nature is never spent.”


One response to “Landscape: Skyscape

  1. Hi! Just another Gopher here checking out your blog for the first tine. Melanie (a 2nd year like me) sent me the link. Your photos are gorgeous. Good luck on Writing Lockdown!

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