Landscape: On the Fly

St. Louis On the FlyDearest “Down and Out” readers: Thank you for your patience while I’ve been road-tripping. As promised, I’ve returned with some photos—all taken on the fly. Seriously. I took photos while driving to see how they’d turn out.

Last week’s road trip spanned 1,273 miles. Together, my beat-up 1992 Toyota Corolla and I whizzed through parts of Kentucky, Missouri, Kansas, Nebraska, and—finally—Colorado. I crammed the car full of belongings for my move to Boulder; the poor thing’s crowding 183,000 miles, but it’s a good vehicle—even though I’m afraid to drive it over 60 miles per hour. This speed is good, I found, for thinking and for dreaming and for taking photos out the side windows.

Just so you believe that I took these while driving—I caught my hand and camera in this photo taken on I-70 West in Missouri:

Seriously.  On the Fly.

Big Clouds:
I-70 West in Missouri. There’s something super-attractive about massive open spaces; maybe this is why I like it so much out on the road.

Big Clouds

Forever Corn:
I-80 West in Nebraska. Nebraska went on and on and on like this, seemingly endless stretches of corn.

Forever Corn

Colorado Sage:
I-76 South in Colorado. Yee-haw. The West is the BEST.

Colorado Sage

Thanks, folks. I hope you’ve enjoyed the results of this somewhat dangerous/inspired/novel (for me) photographic technique. Leave me a comment, if you’d like…and let me know which photo you like the best.


2 responses to “Landscape: On the Fly

  1. Ah, the Corrolla…my girl. She’s been around. Add New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Tennessee, West Virginia, Virginia, North Carolina, Washington DC, Delaware, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Arkansas, Oklahoma, and Texas to the list of states she’s visited.

  2. I think the Nebraska picture wins. But, well, part of my heart is always there.
    Find your way safely to the mountains, that you love so much. Then tell us all about it. Can’t wait to hear it, my wanderer.

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