Landscape: The Commute

Super CommuteIf you had to commute, no matter what, wouldn’t you want to commute through some sort of landscape that gets your heart beating, you know, the kind that gets those brain cells fired up for the day? Yeah—me, too. I don’t think that I’m the only one who gets annoyed by standstill traffic and people who cut you off and then act like they didn’t see you. Lately my commute options have been like this:

When I sleep in my tent in the Roosevelt National Forest, I drive NW through Boulder Canyon. The road is as curvy as any old-fashioned roller coaster, and the traffic is sparse—even during “rush hour.” People are rock climbing on crags along the way, and cyclists are out for their evening rides. Last week, I crested the hill just above Nederland to see the sun going down behind the hills, splashing pastel strokes across the sky:


Now. If I choose to stay in Denver, it’s a different story. One evening last week, I was driving from Boulder to Denver at eight o’clock to try to miss the traffic, and it was still a parking lot for five lanes of expressway. Guess I didn’t make a mental note that there was a Rockies game. Today, it was back to Boulder in the rain…and even at 3:30 in the afternoon, it was like this:


I don’t know. Could someone help me out here? I mean, the photographs seem to make the choice for me, but why have I been driving back and forth from Denver this week? Right. Probably Dear-Out-of-Town-Friend’s stable living arrangement has something to do with it…


One response to “Landscape: The Commute

  1. Robin Dunkel January


    I found your blog through Shawna’s. Could two blogs be ANY more different?

    I’ve been cracking up and reading excerpts of your entries to my husband. Stay safe in the woods. I’ll be thinking of you each time I enjoy all my great amenities- like indoor plumbing.

    Please shoot me an e-mail. I’d love to catch up.

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