Life: Tailgate Living

TailgatingAs I mentioned last week, organization is super-important when you’re living out of your car. Otherwise, how can you find your toothbrush when you’re getting ready to sleep in the back of your friend’s Subaru Forester? Impossible, sans organization. This week wasn’t short on wackiness, but I managed to have a roof over my head each night…even if it was the roof of a car.

The Subaru proved to be this week’s best living quarters, if only for one night. My friend Tarrie (pictured below) and I drove down to Ouray, Colorado because she was running the gnarly Imogene Pass from Ouray to Telluride. I decided to support the endeavor. I brought my tent, but it was late when we arrived in Ouray, so we just pulled off on a side street and spread out our sleeping bags in the back of the car. A nice breeze came in through the sunroof, which opened up to a sky full of stars.

Notice the carefully arranged gear bags. I generally arrange mine like this: one for the sleep kit, one for clothes, one for personal items, one for dry food, one for cold food, and one for the portable office. I have been writing full-time, and I had a deadline to make Friday eve, so as soon as we arrived in Ouray, I hunted for a wireless café and uploaded the work that I did on the drive down.

Besides sleeping in the Subaru, I also slept in Denver this week for a few nights at a friend’s house while he was out of town. He has no furniture, so the living quarters looked like this:

Denver Crash Pad

It was nice to have a real roof covering my head, but I’ve got to admit that it was pretty lonely there. Other than that crash pad, I also spent one night last week on a floor in Colorado Springs, another night on a spare bed there. And the most bizarre of all, I spent a night sleeping in a van in the Boulder airport parking lot (more on that in an upcoming post).

Without stuff carefully organized into bags and precision-packed into my Toyota, I’m not sure if I could live like this. There have been a few tiring moments, but I’m meeting my deadlines and generally thinking that this tailgate living isn’t so bad.


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