Landscape: Hooray for Ouray!

hoorayI feel like I’ve been on the small mountain town tour lately—last weekend I roadtripped to Ouray, Colorado and spent an afternoon in Telluride. This week, I spent three nights in Golden (home of the Coors brewery, and little else). I had never been to Ouray before, and although I wasn’t too impressed with the town itself, its surroundings were stunning.

A few Ouray stats:

Elevation: 7,700 feet.

Population: 803 (seriously).

Free wireless: at the café next to the chocolate shop.

Ice climbing: at the Ouray Ice Park.

You see it a lot in the Rockies, these high peaks, but what makes Ouray stand out from the other mountain towns is that it’s nestled into a narrower-than-normal valley, and the 13,000-foot peaks surround it on THREE sides.

Stop in for a soak at the Orvis Hot Springs on your way. And enjoy scenes like these on your way home:


More on Ouray:

Orvis Hot Springs:

Ouray Ice Park:


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