Life: The Pick Up

The Pick UpToday. Is. The. Day. In a few hours, I’ll be driving from Boulder to Limon, Colorado to exhume The Van, which has been stashed in a shed for nearly four years. When I went out to check on it in May, the thing miraculously started, but at that time, the front left tire was flat. Now, it has another flat tire and is inhabited by a family of field mice.

So. I’ve made arrangements to tow The Van to a shop in Limon, and I have called ahead to warn the mechanics. The plan is just to get it going and to drive it to Colorado Springs, were I’ll keep it at a friend’s house and clean it up. Over the next few weeks, I’ll probably disinfect it with Clorox and try to get rid of the mice turds. I’ll repair the bench seat where a little round hole has been chewed into the brown faux-leather upholstery.

Vague plans taking shape for an October van trip to Utah…

Feel the Road


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