Landscape: Desert Nights

Desert Nights FireThis will be the last of the desert posts. For now. But I’m working on “Project One Last Road Trip,” which is what I’ve been calling my idea to take one more trip to Utah’s Indian Creek before the passes in Summit County, Colorado keep me (and my crap cars) snowed in. Of course, I’m still working on getting the van road-worthy, and if that happens, I’ll brave the passes with the Old Lady, my 1970 VW bus. Otherwise, the Toyota will have to do.

Just in case anyone out there is wondering why I keep feeling compelled to return to the Utah desert, I’m posting these photographs as a visual reminder. The nighttime, especially, has a mysterious allure. Imagine watching the sun go down over these monolithic red peaks. They turn yellow and orange before they turn into black silhouettes against a smoky sky. Like this:

Yellow, then orange, from Indian Creek’s “Way Rambo” wall:

Descending from Way Rambo

Somewhere in-between day and night (with hovering crescent moon):

Somewhere in-between

The Bridger Jack towers, silhouetted against a smoky sky:

The Bridger Jacks Towers Night Sky

And then, once it’s dark and cold, you curl up in your down sleeping bag, anticipating the coyote songs that will startle you from a magical desert sleep.


3 responses to “Landscape: Desert Nights

  1. Couldn’t agree more. Had an afternoon into evening into night like the one in your photo not too long ago near Goblin Valley State Park in Utah. We threw up our tent on BLM land outside the park and had one of those unencumbered views (not a tree for miles) of the inky, cloudless sky filled with glimmering stars—so much brighter away (far, far away, in this case) from city lights.

    Next day, we hiked the near by, very narrow slot canyon, Little Wildhorse.

    The desert was an acquired taste for me, but now I can’t get enough (not in summer heat, though).


  2. I am jealous of your desert view. It is on my long list of adventures. If the van is resurrected (by an act of. . .) then I’ll meet you in Joshua Tree. The cacti form little silhouette men that make for wonderful views and dreams.

    Your adventures make me laugh, as always. If only everyone had such undaunted spirit!

    Love the Walden quotations. I think we were reading it at the same time. He was the master of deliberate simplicity.

    Stay warm.


  3. Awesome photos! What beauty. Way to capture some moments.

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