Landscape: The Backyard

Kentucky BackyardGet out there, folks. I can’t believe that there is a city in this country without at least a little space for play. Even NYC has Central Park (click here for “Down and Out” on Central Park). I feel lucky here in Boulder with a backyard that bumps up against the hills, but I know that all it takes is a little exploration to find some wide-open space—even in urban areas.

On a recent trip to visit my folks in Louisville, Kentucky, I found myself itching to escape the suburbs. It only took me one visit to the indoor climbing gym before I met some climbers who were headed out to Red River Gorge for the weekend (photo: top right). Red, yellow, and gold leaves were dropping from the sky as we hiked in along the trail.

Back in Boulder, the flatirons are visible from downtown, always a reminder that there may be more exciting things to do than sit in the library. Actually, if I ran away from the library right now (imagine me making the break), I could reach the Chautauqua Park trailhead in 15 minutes:

Boulder Backyard

Exploring the backyard is advantageous for many reasons. I’d say that these would include the obvious health benefits, but there’s also a peace that comes with having a connection to a local place. Knowing what’s in your backyard is like going grocery shopping and knowing what’s shelved on every aisle.

Boulder at Night

And cities are so much more beautiful from a distance.

(final photo is of Boulder, taken on descent from a late-afternoon climb of the third flatiron)


3 responses to “Landscape: The Backyard

  1. Yes, it is I once again. Just have to say that a couple times (at least) each week, Jim comes back from his training ride to gush, with awe in his voice, “I can’t believe we live in such a beautiful place. We are so lucky!” Even more special—it’s just a 10 min. bike ride from our house to the foothills. He pities urban cyclists who have to load their bikes into/onto their cars and drive to a less congested area to get in a little training. Yes, just as it is in Boulder, life is good in Loveland (and on the outskirts, too).


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  3. I’m a lurker, but am poking my head out from behind the screen for this opportunity to comment. I lived in Boulder for 7 years back in the 90s, but moved to Chicago (home) in 1998 to be closer to my family. While I miss Boulder terribly some days, I’ve been able to find what there is to find outdoors here in Chicago. Hi BIG LAKE. And it’s gorgeous. It’s just a matter of opening your eyes, looking about and changing perspective.

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