Happy Holidays!

Snowy Van Hello“Where do we find the strength not to be pulled apart by our passions? How do we inhabit the canyons inside a divided heart?”

-Terry Tempest Williams, in Desert Quartet

Happy Holidays from “Down and Out.” Hope you’re out there eating turkey, enjoying time with family and friends. Woke up to snow here in Moab, Utah this morning after a Thanksgiving bonfire last eve. More (real) writing to come. But for now…a little love from the road.


2 responses to “Happy Holidays!

  1. Love the bus picture. It would make a great Christmas card. I miss road trips. While I’m still in Denver we should get together. Oh, and our own Ms. Cake Lady from Goucher has dragged me into this game, so guess what, you’re it.

  2. Oh, and I forgot. I thought of you the other day while watching three writers pitch stories to Blender, the music mag, on mediabistro’s Web site. One guy was pitching a story about the music scene in Antarctica and I thought of you and your “rock drumming” story, that you read at residency. I thought it was great and perhaps you should pitch that story to Blender, or hey, maybe you know the guy who pitched his. Small world there, I imagine.

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