Landscape: Vanscape?

desert hello!Thanks to Verner and the folks at Verner’s Volkswagen in Boulder, the Old Lady chugged smoothly through multiple mountain passes, started on command, and rattled and hummed her way home on last week’s Boulder-Moab-Boulder roadtrip. There once was a time when I would have been surprised if a month went by without needing to get towed somewhere, but perhaps this stretch of mechanical soundness is a good omen for future travels.Anyone who has been reading “Down and Out” will know that getting this van going has been a massive joy and pain. Yeah—it’s amazing to hear that purr of an old VW and to feel the wind blowing through your hair, but when I had this vehicle towed out of a storage shed in Limon, Colorado in August, it was full of mice crap. It had a flat tire. It wouldn’t start. In the meantime, I could have probably paid rent or purchased two new pairs of skis with the amount of money I spent on repairs (front brake hub, steering column, multiple engine adjustments, and one other thing that was so expensive I’ve mentally blocked what it was called…). But after finally having the chance to take this vehicle out into the wide-open, I have no complaints.So. Some images from the road. Instead of pure landscape shots here, I’ve decided to share some “vanscape” photos. Vanscape is a new genre for me (and for anyone else?? Did I just make up this word??), so I’m trying it out.First—the Old Lady in Cisco, Utah. Cisco is a real-live ghost town. Located along Utah’s SR-128, Cisco’s a pretty dilapidated place. If you stay on I-70, you’ll miss it. Next time you’re headed to Moab from the east, I highly suggest taking the Cisco exit OFF of I-70 so that you can check it out.

Vanscape Cisco, Utah

Then, hop on Utah’s SR-128 and take it all the way to Moab. You’ll wind through red rock canyons on the way and catch sight of the Fisher towers (Castleton tower, too, poking up just barely on the far right of this photo):

Vanscape Utah’s SR-128

So. Anyone else out there been on a good road trip lately? Leave a comment to tempt me somewhere new…


4 responses to “Landscape: Vanscape?

  1. Hello Traci,

    I have a good friend who used to live at the South Pole (the actual pole, not the coast) and he told me about some of the fun santa or anti-santa activities there.

    I wanted to send you this link to a new Anti-Santa Art and Photography contest. If you still have contacts with folks at the pole or who were involved in the Santa fun, would be great if they could submit some work to the contest.

    BTW, love the pictures here.

  2. Love the Moab pics. What were the nighttime temps there? Must be my old age, but I’m getting wimpy about the cold. Nights at Canyon de Chelly in October were around 28-degrees and I didn’t want to leave my toasty sleeping bag to come out of the tent in the mornings. Thank goodness for polar fleece. Canyon de Chelly is a good trip–have you tried it? We’re going to Laramie in a couple weeks—does that count?

    Glad the VW pulled through for you.


  3. Eileen Burkhalter Smith


    Your old roomie Eileen here! So glad to track you down. Send me an email at


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