Life: Birthday Adventure

Red River Gorge KentuckyIn October, I was sitting in a café in Moab, Utah, when this ratty van with California plates pulled up. Hand-painted on the back were the words “Birthday Adventure.” Two super-fit guys and a dog hopped out. Curious. As it turned out, these guys were in Moab to race in the 24 Hours of Moab (that’s 24-hours of bike racing, non-stop). They came into the shop for coffee, and when I asked them what a “birthday adventure” was, they explained. Enthusiastically. One of them told me that for his 30th birthday, he was going to ride 30 miles on each of his six bikes. The basic idea of a birthday adventure is that you have some sort of a goal related to your age, and you’re supposed to achieve it on your birthday, he told me. Okay. I pondered the idea for a few weeks, and then on October 28, I decided that I wanted to get motivated to climb more and that I wanted to climb at least 32 days before I turned 32, on December 9. This meant that I would have to climb between four and five days a week for the seven weeks before my birthday. I’m writing this post to say that I FAILED. But not miserably. I only climbed 24 out of the 32 days that I was hoping to get in. A few highlights? Day #4: Red River Gorge, Kentucky (photo above). Day #8: Brilliant afternoon on Boulder, Colorado’s third flatiron:

The Third Flatiron

Day #10: Boulder Canyon. Day #18: Thanksgiving Day at Indian Creek, Utah. Of course, not all of the days were so great. I had some cold and windy bouldering sessions on Mt. Sanitas in Boulder, and I had my first few visits to the circus-like Boulder Rock Club (which costs $17 a visit, if you don’t have a pass). To round things out, I spent day #24 here climbing ice in Chamonix at the Cremerie:

The Cremerie Chamonix

That day, the skies were already gray, and even though my birthday was still a week away, I didn’t get in any more climbing days outside. The snow started falling that evening, and it hasn’t stopped since. If we hadn’t shoveled out a path, we’d be post-holing through thigh-deep powder just to get out to the road. That’s the news from here. Keep up the adventures, folks.


3 responses to “Life: Birthday Adventure

  1. Well, even though you didn’t quite make it, you’re still a ROCKSTAR in my humble but passionate opinion!

  2. Your wonderful dexcriptions of your adventures takes me right along with you !!!

  3. You rock, girl. I am too old and broken down from farming to get THAT jiggy with the environment. However, you’ve inspired me to do something, like more yoga. Or read a whole bunch of books! It’s all relative. Thanks for the inspiration.

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