Landscape: Where the Buffalo Roam

BuffsOkay, so the buffalo don’t roam freely anymore in Colorado, at least not along Highway 9. They’re contained behind little wire fences so that we don’t run into them on the road. But it’s still cool to see buffalo out there, and I’m psyched to have them in my state of residence. I don’t think that there are any buffalo—even behind little wire fences—in New York City. For the past few weeks, I’ve been dividing time between Boulder (on the weekends) and Breckenridge (during the week). This means that I’m commuting over mountain passes in a really crappy car, a rusted-out 1992 Toyota Corolla, constantly threatening to go kaput. It sputters and chugs up the passes, such as this one here: Wilkerson Pass—

View from Wilkerson Pass

Wilkerson Pass is one of the high points on the drive from Colorado Springs to Breckenridge (the other being Hoosier Pass). What rocks about Wilkerson Pass is that once you’re on top of it, you can see all of the Summit County peaks—and all of the snow. Big snow lately in the mountains: powder days last week at Arapahoe Basin and Vail. I’ve been spoiled properly in the past few weeks by such good conditions—but am heading out for a family vacation to ski in Vermont. We’re road-tripping from Manhattan (sister’s place of residence) to Killington, where icy slopes await. More news upcoming from the road…


2 responses to “Landscape: Where the Buffalo Roam

  1. Oh Traci!!! How I remember that pass, and the times we passed through it. And the conversations in the car about life, love and the pursuit of happiness. Miss you!!! Give the family a big hug for me. Enjoy Vermont. And call me soon damn it 🙂

  2. I remember that pass too, and the buffalo! What are you up to out there? Did you get to A-Basin? That was my favourite place in the whole of Colorado, I loved it.

    ps Do you think you’ll be back in Chamonix this summer?

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