Life: Down-Home Vermont

Shawna Macnamara skiing KillingtonVermont is real, at least this part of it: Killington, Chittenden, Woodstock, Quechee, etc. I’m currently on a quickie roadtrip with my parents and The Sister (pictured right). We all met up in NYC on Thursday afternoon and drove a rental car up here on Thursday eve. We’ve been staying at a lodge in Killington and fully enjoying what this nice state has to offer. There’s more than maple syrup in these parts, I’ll have you know. Impressively good snow at Killington on Friday made for a good day downhill skiing with The Sister. And Saturday’s trip to Woodstock was way down-home. Places not to miss in this little town include the F.H. Gillingham & Sons General Store, established in 1886:

F.H. Gillingham

Gillingham’s sells local cheeses and jams, and it has a nice wine section right next to the kids toys and books. Gillingham’s also stocks birdseed, facial products, garden tools, kitchen appliances, and—of course—a wide selection of maple syrup. The impressive thing about Gillingham’s, though, is that it doesn’t have that mass-produced/made-in-a-foreign-country feel, and as I’m writing this, I’m feeling a bit sad that it’s the exception rather than the norm now in this country to go somewhere that still has local character. Gillingham’s would be that kind of place, evidenced here in the rows of homemade jams with little cloth cozies covering the lids:

Gillingham Jams

Woodstock also has this amazing chocolate shop, the W.M. Winand Chocolatier. We took a break from our leisurely walk through Woodstock to sip Winand’s gourmet dark hot chocolate (extra thick). Cheers, from the family:

Cheers, Winand’s.

When I get together with my family, I’m reminded that the adventurous spirit runs deep in this clan. The Momster and Dad were out on a four-hour snowshoeing excursion while we skied, and everyone has been keen to try at least something new. From seared brussel sprouts to cross-country skiing, dogsledding, and snowmobiling, the family adventures here in Vermont have been nonstop.


2 responses to “Life: Down-Home Vermont

  1. Ah, how I do love that crazy Macnamara clan! Never a dull moment… 🙂

  2. Just got caught up on your blog…..yep that was a fun trip !! I’ve finally started to warm up after that long snowshoe trek on the mountain.

    Looking forward to some photos and news about your new workplace and adventures in Vail.

    xoxo Dad

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