Life: The New Backyard

YAY for Vail.It’s official. I have signed a lease on an apartment here in Vail, Colorado. My little one-bedroom feels huge, maybe because it’s the first time in over five years that I’ve had my own place, complete with a permanent mailing address. Is this the end of the road? Could be. Even though I’m sure I’ll start getting restless at some point, I currently have no complaints about the new backyard: Vail Mountain, ski heaven. During the seven days surrounding my arrival, it snowed 42 inches. I’m not lying. Long-time locals are saying that this is the best season in a decade. Naturally, friends from other places (like Cathy, pictured above right) are excited that I’m living here, and I welcome them to come visit—even though I’m still eating off of my camping cookware, and my couch isn’t big enough to sleep on. The walls are bare, and I don’t have anything as luxurious as a spatula or a vacuum cleaner or a TV. But, hey. Who wants to be inside anyway, when right outside the door stuff like this (below) awaits?

Gore Range from Vail Mountain

Lately, it has seemed to be sunny during the day and snowy at night. In the mornings, fresh powder is dusting the slopes, and trees are sagging under the weight of the snow:

In the Trees

I did move here to work, so for four days a week, I’m sitting inside wondering what the conditions are like. But on those other three days, it’s nice to hop on a shuttle into town to find out.


One response to “Life: The New Backyard

  1. wow..perfect conditions to shred i mean write 😉

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