Life: Last Snow?

Beanie the Snow GoddessIt may be over, the winter. This will not surprise a bunch of you who have been out running around in shorts and sandals for a few weeks now, but things are just starting to melt here in Vail, CO. It still snowed a few inches one eve last week, though, and every time I see flurries, I wonder if it will be the last snow. The ski lifts closed two weekends ago now (and just last weekend at Breckenridge). The end of the season went out with a bunch of live music and other activities here in Vail, such as the final Street Beat and a car giveaway (which I was determined to win, but did not). One of my best gal pals (pictured at right) came out to visit from Michigan, and as soon as the music got going, the snow started coming down in big, wet flakes. It was one of those soaking snows, and I was glad for it, as it hopefully gave her an accurate taste of what it is like to live somewhere where it just snowed over 500 inches in one season.

Street Beat

Speaking of tasting things…

One Flake at a Time

There is nothing like catching snowflakes on the tip of your tongue. I may have to wait a few months to do it again. In the meantime, there is a lot of living to do out there, folks. So drop me a comment every now and then to let me know what life is looking like in your neck of the woods.


One response to “Life: Last Snow?

  1. Don’t give up on snow too soon! A few years ago, we went to Penitente over Memorial Day weekend to climb, and retreated to Summit County after it snowed there. At Keystone the next day, we skied in 6″ of freshies. My neighbor skied Loveland three days last week and says it’s awesome!

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