Landscape: Guess This City

Anyone out there want to guess what American city has been photographed here? I’ll try to give a few hints, as the photos are a bit nonspecific. Let’s see. This city is in a state that most people say is shaped like your right hand (when you look at it with your palm turned towards your eyes).

The state produces berries like crazy in the summer, and it can be wickedly cold and windy during the winter months. That narrows it down a tad. Now, this city is the second largest one in the state, and it is on the banks of a river. The river allowed the area’s first European inhabitants to trade fur and textiles, but the Ottawa Indians had already been establishing settlements along the river since around 1700 A.D.

Being a non-city person, I especially appreciated its open spaces and parks, such as this one in the downtown area:

And, of course, I had to make a trip to the city’s art museum, which currently has a fantastic Andy Warhol exhibit on display:

Most of Down and Out’s landscape posts focus on natural beauty in some way, and being in this city reminded me how cities, too, can be naturally beautiful. This photo is a detail of the waterfall outside at the art museum:

Any guesses what this city might be?? I’ll follow up with an answer in the next post.


6 responses to “Landscape: Guess This City

  1. Milwaukee, girlfriend! I’m here right now! My family and I were just showing a place in WI on the palms of our right hands at dinner tonight. 🙂


  2. Great guess…but incorrect. YOU ARE CLOSE, though. Try one state to the east (just on the other side of the big lake)…and then go from there.
    -Traci M.

  3. Ummm – Grand Rapids!

  4. what do i win?!?

  5. YOU ARE CORRECT. The lovely Grand Rapids, it is. Hmmmm…as far as a prize, I didn’t mention one, but maybe something Colorado-local might do the trick. Maybe something from the Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory. Or maybe a rock?

  6. Chocolate works!

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