Life: Sex and City Chairs

On a recent trip to GRAND RAPIDS, MICHIGAN (answer to previous post), I encountered more than my fair share of sexy city lines. As has been previously documented on Down and Out, my fascination with sexy lines ranges from those found in natural settings to those found in urban spaces. It might sound strange, but I’m especially a sucker for good chairs. Actually, I am currently writing this from a run-down West Vail laundromat, and the fact that I’m sitting in smooth-lined molded plastic chairs makes the wait more enjoyable. They’re the bright-blue-retro-cool kind, but these white rows of modern chairs inside an auditorium in Grand Rapids caught my eye. The butterfly style of the chairs (pictured below) became popular in the 1950s, when around five million chairs in this style alone were produced:

More sexy city chairs were to be found at the GRAM (Grand Rapids Art Museum). The GRAM has a great Sunday bunch, and these Philippe Starck chairs (below and above, right) were positioned by the coffee bar, much to my delight. Starck is an amazing designer, and you can click here to check out more of his work.

Finally, outside the GRAM, my friend Arika and I hung out around these lime green leaf-looking chairs. I might guess that this design came out of Japan, but they’re from Arper, an Italian design company.

Inside of the museum, of course, there were some sexy chairs on display, such as the Herman Miller lounge chairs designed by Charles and Ray Eames. But you couldn’t just jump the rope and take a rest on those. Sometimes you want to sit on art, and it was a good thing that the GRAM had other artfully designed chairs scattered around for that purpose.


One response to “Life: Sex and City Chairs

  1. Hey Don Flan,
    I think Down and Out is up there and may well trump RichEYE and even ColdRich Eye.

    AND thanx for picturing my fair Michigan so happily.


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