Landscape: Clear Creek Canyon

The site of recent outdoor adventuring: Golden, Colorado’s Clear Creek Canyon. Golden is a way-cool little town on the west side of Denver. It still has a slight Old West feel in its downtown area, which is also the location of a kayak park and the Coors brewery. Dip into Clear Creek Canyon, just west outside of Golden on Highway 6, and the towering rock walls will quickly put you in your place. The canyon is only thirteen miles long, but there is something to climb at every pullout. And while you’re out there rock climbing, kayakers and rafters will be yahoo-ing through the rapids below. This has been the experience, at least, in the last two weekends, as I’ve been meeting up with friends to climb there. Last weekend, we checked out the Tunnel 2 area for some sport climbing along the River Wall and High Wire areas (pictured right and below).

I always get super-excited to see wildlife in its element, and while we didn’t stumble upon any mountain goats or rattlesnakes, we found some spring (or is it summer now?) flowers instead. This yellow cactus bloom stuck out beautifully against its dusty brown background:

Back in Vail, the creek continues to churn powerfully outside my window, and yellow pollen grains are scattering themselves all over the place. Summer is perhaps just starting in the mountains: cool blue skies in the mornings and threatening black clouds rolling over the peaks in the afternoons.


One response to “Landscape: Clear Creek Canyon

  1. Hey Traci, I read your blog from time to time and was hoping we could trade a quick email – I’ve some questions about biking/camping through CO/UT and was hoping you might have some some input, since you’re much more well traveled in that area than I am! But if not, that’s fine as well. Take care,



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