Literature: Tana French’s The Likeness

I know. I know. I said in a previous post that I didn’t really understand the whole concept of “beach books.” I live in a landlocked state, and I still think that a good anthology of Victorian poetry would do the trick. It seems that most book people have devoted the month of July to discussing what new books are this summer’s hot books for the beach. I’ve seen more lists crop up in the last few weeks. When I was asked to review a book this month for Denver’s Rocky Mountain News, I was told that I’d be given a “thriller” to review for a special “thriller” section. This sounded sort of like beach reading, but not quite. Um. Okay. I tend to read nonfiction, and I lean towards subjects such as nature, biography, and science, so being asked to review a thriller didn’t sound so thrilling—at first. But I ended up getting sent a book that surprised me: Tana French’s The Likeness. The book is a crime tale with a sassy detective named Cassie Maddox as its main character. When Cassie’s former boss discovers a young woman murdered, he calls Cassie to the scene. This murdered girl isn’t just anybody, though. She looks exactly like Cassie, and she has been using the name that Cassie took on during her previous undercover work. In order to crack the case, Cassie takes up the murdered woman’s role and moves into Whitehorn house, a place where four others also live in an eerily tight-knit setting. Any or all of them could be suspects.

So just in case you do live near a beach (and Victorian poetry is not your thing), you might want to check this book out. To read my full review of Tana French’s The Likeness in Denver’s Rocky Mountain News, click here. Many other thrillers also featured.


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