Life: The End of an Era

It’s the end of an era, really. I just sold the family Toyota Corolla for $750, firm. Cash. This vehicle was given to my sister in 1992 as a gift when she was in college, and it got passed on to me when she moved to NYC. During the years that I was in and out of the U.S., the Toyota sat in my parents’ driveway in Kentucky, rusting in the humidity. Getting rid of a car like this doesn’t get rid of all the memories: over 194,000 miles of them. This vehicle had been all over the place—to Texas and Arkansas and back. From Colorado to New York to North Carolina to visit a college boyfriend. An impulsive drive to view the disappointing Mount Rushmore. Night drives in the mountains. Over snowy passes. Quickie climbing trips to Utah.

I made the decision to sell the Toyota because I didn’t want to put any more money into a vehicle that was about to go kaput. It squealed when I started it in the cold, and the front joints (the CV joints??) clicked so much when I turned that I feared the wheels would go flying off. The passenger-side mirror was missing, and the trunk leaked when it rained. A pool of rusty water sat stagnant where the spare tire should have been.

It the Toyota’s absence, I am driving the van full-time, which is scary in itself. It’s a 1970 Volkswagen that is constantly threatening to leave me stranded. But I do live in a valley with a free bus service, so I can at least be assured of making it to work. Without the Toyota, though, my quick trips over the mountain passes might end up as above; oh, the joys of meeting strange wrecker drivers from small towns…


One response to “Life: The End of an Era

  1. Stand by for NEWS!!! I have a newer vehicle that needs a regular driver and caretaker….. I will bring it to Colorado around 9/6 for you to operate for a while. See ya soon!! xoxo MacDaddy

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