Landscape: The Last Aspens

In September, people start coming up to the mountains to see the golden aspen groves. I start staring out my window for longer periods of time when I should be working. When the aspens change color, it’s not a gradual thing—it’s an explosion, but unfortunately this burst of yellow disappears just as quickly as it arrives. We had out first bit of snow sugar the peaks here in Vail a few weeks ago, but it seemed like a fluke. It can’t be time for winteryet, I told myself—there were still leaves on the trees. A series of frosty nights have since followed, and within a week, Vail Mountain turned from gold to brown.

I saw the change most markedly on the trail runs I take in the mountains near my apartment. After a series of steep switchbacks, I’m running a gradual downhill through an aspen grove that has thinned out in the past few weeks…

..and all that remains now are these ashy white trunks that will disappear when the snow settles in.

From the highest point of the trail, I see Vail Mountain, looking bare and—frankly—quite ugly without its white snowcover.

Less than a month now until the ski lifts open. Let it snow. Let it snow. Let it snow!


3 responses to “Landscape: The Last Aspens

  1. They’re jsut starting to turn in Utah, and quite beautiful.

  2. Shawna Macnamara

    Wooooooo!!!! Got your message that you got my flight info…looking forward to the slopes in January!!!! And for some Apres Ski at Pepis!!!!!!

  3. my my how time flies… seems like just yesterday it was winter

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