Landscape: Cool Desert Nights

Indian Creek campfireIt’s snowing here now in Vail: evening, lavender skies, big flakes. There’s no landscape that could rival this one at this moment—except maybe the desert at night. Last week’s road trip catapulted me into a world so different from this one. Colorado’s tight canyons open up in Utah, and the landscape there starts to feel open, wild, and free. The spaciousness of it all gets magnified as the sun lowers in the sky. Photographs and words do little to express the feeling of it all. The desert is a sensual place. The cold nights offset by a blazing campfire that smells like juniper. Waking up to the sounds of howling coyotes. Red sand grit in fire-cooked meals, in your socks, and in your car when you return home.

Captured a few photos along with the memories—this one a view of the canyons surrounding Moab, taken from Slickrock Trail:

Evening on Slickrock

Also from Slickrock, some of the best evening clouds I’ve seen in a while:

Desert Clouds

And finally, Moab’s orange lights twinkling below the Moab Rim Trail, big moon above:

Moab Rim at Night

I’ll be honest. I probably won’t want to leave Vail until the end of the ski season. But come spring, I’m sure I’ll be ready to thaw out in Moab.

One response to “Landscape: Cool Desert Nights

  1. That’s my favorite schedule – hang in the mountains for winter and head to Moab, or Portrero Chico, in March.

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