Landscape: Home Sweet Snow

vail-liftsI watched the Colorado snow reports from my laptop in Louisville, Kentucky during the week I spent there before Christmas. At one point, the tally was showing 49 inches of snow in Beaver Creek during a 7-day period, and 41 inches for Vail. Don’t get me wrong—I love my parents and was overjoyed to spend time with them, but I also ran laps in their neighborhood and dreamed of the snow that would await me when I returned to Vail. Now that I’m back, I can soundly say—yes!—the winter ski season is in full swing, the town is packed with tourists, and there’s a jolly feel in the air.

I often ski by myself and get wrapped up in the beauty of this place. Skiing, the activity, is good fun in itself, but the greater joy for me comes in exploring how the mountain changes from day to day. Finding secret sweet spots on a hill. Getting up high and seeing the peaks on a clear day:


And watching the sun set down valley from my front porch is the perfect ending to such charmed days:



2 responses to “Landscape: Home Sweet Snow

  1. Shawna Macnamara

    WEeeeeeeeee!!! Be there in 14 days! I finally seam gripped my pants.

  2. We had a lot of snow just before and on Christmas. The last few days have been quite sunny and warm in summit county – how’s the snow now in Vail?

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