Life: The Sista on Skis

shawna skiing VailNo insanely crazy adventures to report this week. I’ve basically been reading a lot and skiing so much that the dishes are piling up, and I’m grossed out by my apartment (clothes thrown on floor, bed unmade, etc). The snow hasn’t even been that great–nothing new now in five days–but I’ve had good friends to keep me company on the slopes. The Sister (pictured, at right) was a great weekend companion, and one of my coworkers convinced me to spend my first morning in the park. Riding skis in the terrain park was a first for me…all sorts of new ways to get smashed up, including jumps, boxes, and rails. It’s supposed to snow tonight, so I’ve got to get in some yoga and get a good night’s sleep. Just one more photo to share today…The Sister and I in Vail’s back bowls:

Shawna and Traci in Vail

Happy day!


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