Literature: The Nation Guide

nation-guide-to-the-nationTitle: The Nation Guide to the Nation // Publisher: Vintage // Editor: Richard Lingeman // 2009 // 400 p.

A book with last week’s political turnover in mind: The Nation Guide to the Nation, edited and compiled by Richard Lingeman, other editors from The Nation, and readers of the United States’ most popular lefty magazine. If you’re a Democrat, this book will help you find friends in cool, funky, intellectual, activist, left-leaning places all over the counrty. If you’re a Republican, this book will help you identify places you might want to avoid for a while…or maybe eventually start exploring if you’re feeling compelled to align yourself with the party in power.

The Nation Guide is written for those of “left-liberal-radical persuasion,” as the book’s Introduction calls The Nation readers. It covers topics such as culture, media, advocacy, goods and services, and social networks. Interesting sidebars with relevant historical tidbits are sprinkled throughout, along with additional commentary by respected topical experts. Each section is further subdivided into categories, and then detailed listings follow, generally offering a description and contact information.

Released just in time for Obama’s inauguration, The Nation Guide to the Nation might be the best book to help the new president’s supporters find others united in celebration. Part catalog, part handbook, part almanac, The Nation Guide is the ultimate resource for liberals seeking community in something as small as a cup of fair-trade coffee or as large as a 30-acre radical homesteadclick here to continue reading my review of The Nation Guide to the Nation on the Contemporary Literature website…


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