Life: Vegas Nights

venetianYou can’t take Las Vegas seriously. Isn’t that the point? The U.S. Census Bureau estimates that more that 552,000 people live in Vegas, and surely they’re more in tune with reality, but the rest of us visitors who go there for a weekend don’t expect it. Down a small stretch of paved road, a person can “travel” from Paris to New York to Venice. No kidding though, you know you’re not really anywhere besides the United States, and with just a quick look around, it’s easy to see that this place is American as America gets: people with bad legs wearing shorts, McDonalds lit up with neon lights, waiting in line for shows. The Venetian, with its painted sky and perfumed air, provides perhaps one of the best viewing decks. You can stand up there and people watch. And when the evening light starts to cast long shadows, things start to get kind of beautiful, sparkly.


I get repulsed and awed by Las Vegas. I find the chatter of slot machines annoying, but I love the look of the strip at night…


And I like Cirque du Soleil. Where else can see so many Cirque shows (I think there are five or six currently playing). I recommend LOVE, the Cirque version of a Beatles tribute.


One response to “Life: Vegas Nights

  1. I was in Vegas last summer for the first time since I was 12 and, I have to say, I’m really, really having a tough time picturing you there. It seems the complete opposite of who you are….

    In any case, hope you’re well and this comment was more of a chance to say hi than anything else.

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