Life: Beer Thirty, Alpine Style

Skiing all day can be hard work. The French seem to know this quite well, and there’s this large, rather curious outdoor cafe thing going on at Chamonix’s Grand Montets midstation that must have been constructed to help ease the pain:


People lounge about in reclining chairs at noontime (a.k.a. beer thirty), stripping off layers of clothing and propping up boot-weary feet on the tables. While wine is definitely this country’s national beverage, beer is better for hydrating—as a local brasserie owner told me—it’s 97% water. So we helped ourselves to a restorative round:


Out on the slopes, the refreshments are good to the last drop. A fellow American here demonstrating his proficiency in the “waste not, want not” maxim:


With a little amber liquid in the stomach, the mountains look oh-so-enticing again…


…and then it’s back to the lifts:


All smiles for the rest of the afternoon at the Grand Montets!

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