Landscape: Tulip Time

Tulip Time BannerI went to Holland last week—Holland, Michigan, that is. The annual Tulip Time festival was on, with traditional dancers clogging in streets, carnival food, arts & crafts, and—as one might expect—lots of tulips. I had been wanting to go to Tulip Time since I first heard of it from my local pal Arika Theule-Van Dam, who taught me that “if you ain’t Dutch, you ain’t much” in these parts. The festival was exciting, but not the kind of thing I’ll be raving about for decades. Maybe I should have eaten an elephant ear. Or maybe I should have insisted we go visit the tulip farms nearby. Instead, we took in some of these beauties from the sidewalk:

Red White Tulips

And some more colorful ones:

Red Yellow Tulips

The clickity-clack of these clogs in the street was, indeed, exciting. The street dancing was probably the best part of the festival. Local high school students dress in traditional Dutch clothing and shake some serious booty in the streets:

Tulip Dancers

Tulip Time also gave us an excuse to spend the afternoon in Holland revisiting my favorite café (The Good Earth) and Arika’s favorite cool design/optics shop ( Globe).

The details:
Tulip Time Festival
Holland, Michigan

The Good Earth Café
14 East Seventh Street
Holland, Michigan 49423

49 East Eighth Street
Holland, Michigan 49423


One response to “Landscape: Tulip Time

  1. Wooden shoe rather be Dutch?!?

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