Life: F*%# Plastic!

Traci Macnamara PaintingI was recently told that I am “obsessive about plastic.” It’s true, and here’s why: there’s this thing called the Great Pacific Garbage Patch, a.k.a. the Eastern Garbage Patch, a.k.a. the Pacific Trash Vortex. Google any of those terms, and you will be more disgusted than you’d imagine. The gist is this: basically, there’s a bunch of plastic trash floating in the ocean. Now it’s estimated to be two times the size of Texas, and it’s threatening wildlife. It’s toxic to the environment. It’s way lame. So, what to do? Well, first of all, don’t buy plastic. Next, don’t use plastic if you don’t need it, and recycle as much of whatever plastic you have as you can. Sometimes you’ll just end up with it anyway.

I got inspired to make art out of my trash stash, so I recently went through my non-recyclable plastics and pulled out all of my take-out coffee lids. I try to use a mug or go without the lid, but here are all the ones I ended up with (non-recyclable in my local area):

painted lids

My earthy pal Arika inspired this idea, so I took over her garage for the day, and the result was a mobile made out of plastic lids and an Andy Warhol print. I attached it to a piece of cardboard (also trash), and hung it from a clothes hanger.

garage art

So. I’m calling the creation, simply, garage art. The idea behind garage art is to create something beautiful out of the trash we can’t get rid of and hang it up in the garage as a reminder to recycle. That way, more plastic is staying out of the oceans, and creative juices flow in the process. If anyone out there has any similar creations, I’d be psyched to see or hear about them!


3 responses to “Life: F*%# Plastic!

  1. Neato, Traci! 🙂 Yay. I once saved the bottle caps from my Sobe bottles (when I was into drinking the stuff) and made magnets that I both kept and gave away. Hmmm…. Nice job with the painting and mobile!!! Rock on.

  2. Right on! And you will be pleased to know that the garage art has now been installed in its rightful and intended location… the garage! It looks awesome, and it totally makes me smile when I see it. Thank you so much for making me a beneficiary of your craftiness and enviro-friendliness, T! 🙂

  3. I was in Rwanda in April, where plastic bags are now illegal. They will stop you at customs and relieve you of any you might have as part of your carryon luggage. It’s incredible what a difference this makes. There are no thorn trees full of tattered shards of bag and remarkably little trash by the sides of the road. Unfortunately our plastic bag manufacturing lobby and petrochemical industry aren’t likely to permit a similar ban here….

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