Landscape: Boulder Creek

Deb on TyroleanWe call this time of the year “mud season” in the mountains. The snow is melting off the slopes, but the trails generally aren’t solid enough to hike on without slipping around in the boggy sections. A lot of people go on vacations to get away from it all, and I’ve just been taking weekend climbing trips to Boulder…transitioning, I suppose, from winter to summer activities. I’ve been having so much fun climbing that I haven’t missed the skiing a bit, and hanging out in Boulder Canyon is in many ways as beautiful as hanging out on top of a snowy peak. Boulder Creek thunders below the crags…swollen from the snowmelt.

In November, Boulder Creek was low enough to skip across on stones:

Creek November

But right now, the same area is frightening:

Creek Gushing

In order to access the climbing area on the opposite side, we had to do a Tyrolean traverse (Deb below, demonstrating her expert skills):

Creek Tyrolean2

I’m not complaining about having to Tyrolean across…it’s kind of fun! Even if the sound of the gurgling water can be unsettling, crossing Boulder Creek like this makes the outing seem more of an adventure.


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