Life: Reunited..and it feels so good.

Traci J. Macnamara driving the Old LadyAs many of you out there know, I have been slowly fixing up the 1970 VW van that I bought in the summer of 2003. Well, I’m not much of a mechanic, so much of the real fixing up has been done by the fantastic mechanics I’ve met along the way (Layne of West Side VW in Los Angeles, Verner of Verner’s VW in Boulder, etc…). But I will take the credit for the girlie jobs I’ve done such as reupholstering the seats, cleaning and sealing the interior cabinets, sanding then repainting bumpers and rims.

Unfortunately, the Old Lady (as I like to call her) doesn’t do so well in the extreme cold, so I parked her for the winter on a friend’s property in Leadville. See the love:

VW van love

Every few weeks, I’d make the drive up there to shovel her out and get the engine going. After the ski lifts shut down mid-April, I went to retrieve her and have been happily humming around town in the van for about six weeks now. I smell like exhaust whenever I arrive at my destination, with wind-blown hair and a big grin on my face. I don’t know exactly what it is about driving this thing that makes me feel so good, but I love it when people wave as I chug by, and I love the fact that I can just lay down inside of it whenever I need to take a nap. She goes in rain, sleet, and snow:

She drives in rain, sleet, and snow

This reunion will be short, however. Since I’m going to France for the summer, I have asked a family to take care of the Old Lady in my absence. I’m (slightly) jealous that they’ll be getting all of the van love while I’m away. I’ll have to look forward to another happy reunion when I return in the fall.


One response to “Life: Reunited..and it feels so good.

  1. Love this update on the old gal! The VW van motif rocks . . .

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