Literature: Sullivan’s Triple Cross

triple crossTitle: Triple Cross // Author: Mark T. Sullivan // Publisher: // St. Martin’s Press // 390 p.

I recently read Mark T. Sullivan’s new thriller, Triple Cross, and even though I’m not massively into thrillers, I really liked this book. I felt personally drawn into the story, as the action takes place at a private ski resort in Montana called the Jefferson Club. Living in a ski resort myself, I couldn’t help but laugh at Sullivan’s descriptions of the Jefferson Club’s super-rich guests floundering around on the slopes, flailing in deep powder.

In Triple Cross, the Jefferson Club comes under attack on New Years Eve when a terrorist organization called the Third Position Army takes hostage the seven wealthiest men in the world. Each of the hostages gets “tried” live on the Internet for his crimes against humanity, and viewers are invited to submit their votes to determine the fate of the defendants. It’s a disturbing but plausible scenario. Tension mounts as the Jefferson Club’s security chief tries to rescue his children who remain hiding inside the club after other guests have been released. Sullivan does a great job turning the mountain landscape into the place for this book’s action. The snowstorms, helicopter drop-offs, snow-colored camouflage, and ski scenes all add to this book’s adventure appeal, and mountain-lovers will delight in these things.

To read my more formal-type review of Mark T. Sullivan’s Triple Cross on NewWest, click here.


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