Literature: Hyde’s Canyon

Title: In The Heart of the Canyon // Author: Elisabeth Hyde // Publisher: Knopf, July 2009 // 336 p.

Hyde Heart of the CanyonThe weather’s turning cooler, and while that might excite a bunch of us (snow!), others are lamenting summer’s slow slipping-away. If you’re the kind that tends to hibernate during the winter, I’d suggest stashing away some sort of a rip-roaring summer adventure book for mid-winter reading. It might just boost your spirits…or at least remind you of warmer weather. One book I read recently might be a good choice: Elisabeth Hyde’s In The Heart of the Canyon. In her latest novel, Hyde brings together a motley crew of fifteen folks who pile into inflatable rafts and float the Colorado River through the Grand Canyon. Hyde’s adventurous characters include an uptight university professor, a couple from Utah and their two kids, a mother and her overweight teenage daughter, and a twenty-seven-year-old guy who crushes hopelessly on Dixie, one of the trip’s sassy young guides. Hyde’s characters are interesting, and she brings the natural beauty of this place alive through some great visceral descriptions. The book’s surprise ending might seem too sensational for some, but the overall story is one that readers will cling to even after these rafters have packed up camp on their trip’s final day.

To read my more formal-type review of Elisabeth Hyde’s In The Heart of the Canyon in NewWest, click here.

Photo credit: Knopf.


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