Life: Weekend Warrior

Traci Macnamara Weekend WarriorWorking for the weekend? You’re not alone. Being a bit more restless than usual, I’ve been plotting weekend getaways like no other. Since my first autumn trip out to Utah’s canyonlands two weekends ago, I’ve been making plans to return. This time, for an extended weekend getaway. So for the next five nights, I’ll be out of cell phone range, out of email range, out of warm shower range. I’ll be camping in one of the places I love most in this world: Indian Creek, Utah. Indian Creek is about 45 minutes by car southwest of Moab. It’s perhaps best known by rock climbers of the trad variety. Canyon after canyon of perfect Wingate Sandstone splitters rise out of the red dirt here. Coyotes howl at night.

Got any exciting getaway plans this weekend (or upcoming)? Leave a comment to inspire us all. And see you back on “Down and Out” next week…


3 responses to “Life: Weekend Warrior

  1. Had a mini, out-of-range weekend myself… a meditation and writing weekend at Shambhala Mountain Center in Red Feather Lakes, CO. Amazing. Inspiring. What I needed. Here’s to unplugging, keeping it real and remembering what’s important. Talk to you soon, dear Traci. love, erika

  2. Shawna Macnamara

    Yeah man….I took the VW out of the city…120 miles each way to Greenport, NY. Out in the wine country. Sipped the good stuff, ate lots of oysters, walked on the beach, got loads of fresh veggies from farm stands, and got lots of compliments on the ride. Had phone and facebook the whole time but it was nice being somewhere small and cute. Basel Ribbit ran like a dream, he’s such a charmer.

  3. Hey, thanks for your comments, my adventure gals. I just checked out Shambhala–looks like an amazing place to re-center:

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