Landscape: Back at Bridger Jack

Bridger Jack 1A few days ago, I returned from a four-day/five-night camping and rock climbing adventure in sunny Utah. But as I was unloading my gear back home in Vail, Colorado, it started to snow. The snowstorm ended up being the first big storm of the season here in Colorado, blanketing the hills and finally covering the ski slopes. I can’t say I’m much amused. Yet. In order to prolong my denial that winter’s fast approaching, I’m devoting this post to the sunny skies I just returned from in Utah. To days out climbing in a tank top with the sun on my back. To golden desert sunsets. And lizards, and other creatures who can’t deal with the cold.

After camping for a few days near Hamburger Rock, I moved into a site with a friend at my favorite place, the Bridger Jack Mesa, at Indian Creek. Indian Creek is about an hour southwest of Moab, Utah. It’s a spectacular place for crack climbing, and the Bridger Jack Mesa cuts impressively into the skyline:

Bridger Jack Day

The shifting light makes this mesa change forms. In the morning, a beautiful gold light floods the rock, and in the afternoon, the shadows turn blue, then purple, then black:

Bridger Jack Afternoon

By the time the rock faces are completely covered in shadow, it’s time to cook dinner and watch the evening sky settle in.

Bridger Jack Eve

After the lavender skies, all turns an inky blue. And then if you’re lucky, it all goes black with diamonds for stars.


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  1. …take me there !!! xoxo Dad

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