Life: Desert Camps

Traci Macnamara makin baconOne of the best parts about getting outside is the dwelling there. Sure, it’s nice to have a stable shelter over your head. A warm shower every now and then. The four-burner stove and refrigerator and comfy bed in my apartment go a long way. But there’s something to be said for setting up camp, both the short- and long-term kind. It’s fun to cook sizzling bacon on a camp stove (moi, at right, makin’ bacon) and roast marshmallows over an open flame. I’ve been vehicle camping on these last few road trips, and even though this has kept me from venturing too far off of the beaten path, I’ve felt way closer to the rock and dirt of living than I do in my Vail, Colorado studio apartment.

On a recent trip to Indian Creek, Utah I camped with a few others on the road near Hamburger Rock. Each of us had a different camp plan. Jim and Arita had the family camp going on, with two tents and a superstar six-year-old who slept in one of them:

Jim Arita Tent Camp

Jay and Mandy camped out of their truck, which has a pop-top camper shell. This thing was very house-like, with a refrigerator and freezer, a two-burner stove (both propane fueled), and a spacious sleeping space:

Jay Hay Rig

I just parked my van…

Van at Ham Rock

…and bundled up in my sleeping bag on the pull-out bed/seat.

camper bed

This vehicle was made for camping and has many fun features, including a table that pops out for dinner parties and several storage compartments that help me stay organized on the road.

Ham Rock campfire

The social aspects of this type of camping generally center around the campfire. Thankfully, Jay and Mandy brought some wood—and dessert. The sweet treat was a banana, partially unpeeled, with Rolo chocolates stuck in between banana slices. We wrapped them up in aluminum foil and set them on hot coals to melt. And within a few minutes, we had a gooey dessert that rivaled the best S’mores out there.


4 responses to “Life: Desert Camps

  1. wow looks fun…way better than rain!!! off to windermere this weekend….any spots i should check out?

    • Hey Branson…I’m slow to reply, so you’ve probably already been to Windermere and back. But it’s pretty lazy up there as far as social life goes. The lake and the fells seem to be the main attraction. Hope you got in some good surf. -t

  2. Dear Traci,

    I unwittingly stole your rubber band. Please accept my apology for this.

    I would like to return it to you if possible. If you would like it back please drop me a line and we can discuss options.

    I think it looked better on you, although I am growing quite fond of it.

    Also, when you said that you don’t know me from Andy’s asshole, nor I you, you reminded me of a poem.

    Yours (well equipped with a rubber band and a hung-over head full of poetry),


    • Jack–I thought the deal was that you had to wear the rubber band–doubled two or three times around your wrist– until it (the rubber band, not your wrist) fell off? mmmmmmmmmm…good to hear from you. -t

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