Literature: House and Mountain Lit Awards

I’ve got a few books lined up on my shelf, but one I’m getting psyched to read is Steve House’s Beyond the Mountain, which was published by Patagonia Books in September. Last weekend, House’s book was awarded the Boardman Tasker Prize for Mountain Literature at the U.K.’s Kendal Mountain Film (and Literature) Festival. Others short listed for the prize were: John Allen (Caringorm John), Jerry Auld (Hooker & Brown), Dominic Faulkner (The Longest Climb), Jerry Moffatt (Revelations), and Chic Scott (Steep Rock and Deep Powder). Two weeks earlier, at Canada’s Banff film festival, Jerry Moffatt’s Revelations won the grand prize, and House received the “Best Book” award in the Mountain Literature category. Not bad for House, a guy who doesn’t really consider himself to be a writer. I always like to see what books have been entered in the Banff competition, in particular, because its short list identifies some of the year’s best books in categories ranging from mountain literature, to adventure travel, to photography, to mountaineering history. This year, 101 books from 16 different countries were entered in the Banff competition.

To see the entire 2009 Banff Book Finalists and Entries, click here.

And, to read more about Steve House’s Beyond the Mountain on “The Cleanest Line,” the Patagonia blog, click here.

Photo credit: Patagonia Books


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