Landscape: Guller Gulch

The Janet’s Cabin weekend eventually came to an end, but a good end at that. The ski descent through Guller Gulch ranged from being physical (pushing on the flats or uphill rollers) to nervy to impossible in sections. We’re still smiling here (Bill and I at right), but we’d eventually take off our skis and hike. And then I got sick of hiking and decided to ski no-matter-what. This approach wasn’t exactly the best, and it forced me to try and bunny-hop a (too) large patch of rocks. This hurt when I didn’t make it. And I also just skied through other thin sections, leaving deep cat scratches on my skis.

Conditions aside, the weather was perfect, and we got a good view of the landscape that I missed while hiking up to the cabin in the dark. It was still cold in Guller Gulch when we set off, and we had to pick a tight line through these beautiful frost-coated willows:

The frost gave these ski-grabbers a beautiful furry coat:

Not long after we weaved our way through the willows, we had to cross a frozen beaver pond. The Guller Gulch opened up here and gave us some good views of Gore Range (I think) peaks, near Vail:

Behind us, the Jacque Ridge/Searle Pass area looked pretty impressive, though in need of a bit more snow:

After the beaver pond, we had some icy sections of trail that were barely the width of two skis stacked side-by-side.

Forget about hockey-stopping here. I felt like I was running a gauntlet and probably should’ve hiked instead. Nonetheless, I just went with it and came out all in one piece. And smiling about it, too! My skis, however, had taken a beating. No worries–they’re okay, now. The amazing ski-fixers patched them right up with a bit of grinding and a new coat of wax.

Fun Times:

The 10th Mountain Division
Hut Association


One response to “Landscape: Guller Gulch

  1. Shawna Macnamara

    Love it, take me there. I love the struggle. Say Hi to the penguin for me

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