Life: Kentucky Home

My mom—at right, in stylish dress and a kitchen apron—is the ultimate entertainer. She can whip up a crowd-pleaser with only what’s in her cabinets. Having twenty people over for a holiday party? No worries. It’s an old trick. On my recent visit to Louisville, Kentucky, we did Kentucky-girl-stuff together: shopping, spa, Heine Brother’s Coffee. And then we spent time together in the kitchen making cookies and cakes, dips and spreads. I drank bourbon in my eggnog. She drank a glass of wine. A Saturday-eve holiday open house provided the circumstance for all of this cooking, and it also turned into the occasion to celebrate another momentous occasion…

That’s right. My birthday was last week, and this homemade triple-decker German chocolate cake with a single candle was the best gift ever. Thirty-plus candles would have been an amazing sight, but the flickering of one candle—one wish—made me get weepy. I knew exactly what to wish for, so I closed my eyes, set the wish in my mind and heart, and slowly exhaled.


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