Life: Skiing Jackson Hole

Last week’s Wyoming ski trip, of course, included some skiing at Jackson Hole. I live in Vail, Colorado, so I found Jackson Hole’s lack of crowds and full-length fur coats and cheesy European architecture refreshing. Jackson Hole feels like an American ski experience, which is pretty much what I think people would want when they’re skiing in America, right? I always wonder why there are so many Swiss or German or French or Italian restaurants at American ski resorts. More American ski towns should just go American and have more one-of-a-kind places like Teton Village’s Mangy Moose, you know? Cool local places where you can drink beer and eat burgers and fries.

One Euro thing about Jackson Hole that I won’t criticize, however, is The Tram (pictured above, right). This enclosed lift zooms up to 100 passengers per ride to the top of the mountain, an ear-popping 4000-plus-foot elevation gain in nine minutes. Yee haw!

Once you hop off the tram, you just pick where you want to go—in or out of bounds—but simply skiing back down the whole mountain via its ridges and gullies is a 4,000-foot joy in itself (access to the Hoback Ridges pictured above).

Due to some pretty cruddy snow on the Sublette and Hoback Ridges, I resorted to running laps on the Sublette Quad, powder sniffing through all of the north-facing trees. When I was finally convinced that there was none to be found, I regrettably retreated back to the Snake River Lodge.

In the meantime, the Big Boys were out skiing lines in the Cody Bowl (pictured above), hiking up the boot pack and then launching off stuff such as Pucker Face, the pretty serious-looking face on the far right of the above photo. Maybe next time for me, right?

By the time they had run their final Tram lap, I was soaking in the outdoor hot tub with powder flakes landing on my face, thinking that the ranch across the street might be a nice place to live…

The details:
Jackson Hole Mountain Resort

The Mangy Moose

Snake River Lodge & Spa

And one I didn’t mention but should have…

The Million Dollar Cowboy Bar


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