Landscape: Lake County, Colorado

On my drive up to the Buckeye Gulch trailhead, I couldn’t resist stopping along the way to ooohhh and aaahhhh at the Lake County, Colorado skyline. I was headed out for a ski up to Sangree’s Hut, where I hoped to take in some good views as well, but the weather crapped out before I got there (see previous post). In any case, I realized that my stop at the Clinton Gulch Dam Reservoir was pretty much as good as it would get. I slammed on my brakes on Highway 91 to make the turn into a pullout…and then promptly got stuck in the deep snow…

…but I don’t regret capturing this view Lake County’s Ten Mile Range. I hopped out of my sunken Subaru and waded through the mashed-potato snow to stand at the edge of the reservoir, awed by the beauty of these snow-covered peaks. It only took a few minutes of shoveling to get out, but I’m still thinking of what it was like to stand there and bask for a few moments in the silent power of this place.


One response to “Landscape: Lake County, Colorado

  1. nice car 🙂

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